Albion Online 2nd Closed Beta Slated for This Summer

Sandbox Interactive released a new developer video for Albion Online, which featured Game Director Robin Henkys and Creative Director Jörg Friedrich discussing the preparations made for the wipe and next beta phase, Beta 2, such as hiring a whole host of new people to work on the New World.


They also talk extensively about the last update before Beta 2, named “Darian”. Coming in the second half of May, Darian will include a collection of new spells, the Morgana faction rework, as well as neat features such as Item Study and Learning Point improvement.

Check out the 10 min dev video below:


Albion Online: A Look at the Destiny Board

Albion’s method of progression isn’t based on levels, but rather achievements. These are handled through a system that is called the “Destiny Board,” which shows how to move to higher tiers of gear and crafts, as well as the exact path that needs to be taken to achieve the things you want. This gives a very open feel to the game, while at the same time allowing a somewhat clear-cut path (despite being vastly different from one player to another). There is really no right or wrong way to go through it – simply find what you want to work towards first, and go do it.


Current Achievement Progress

Across the bottom of the screen is the current achievement progress. Look at the screenshot below for an example.

This makes it quick and easy to see the progress you’ve made on three separate achievements, and you can disable their tracking if there’s one you just don’t want to do. Note that it tracks based on the latest one you have added progress towards. For example, killing a creature would put the Journeyman Fighter tracker on the top of my listing. And then mining an ore would bring the Journeyman Gatherer one back to the top again. This helps further organize things by letting you see what you are actively working towards, without necessarily having to keep organizing them on your own.

If you want to take the easiest method of doing the achievements, just work on whatever is in that list at the bottom of the screen. As one is completed, another will take its place, creating a revolving door of things to do. In all actuality, you never even have to take a look at the full Destiny Board unless you want to see what is coming next, what you have already achieved and what bonuses were unlocked (or are going to be soon).

The Destiny Board Screen


Once you get into the Destiny Board, you will see a very large area with a lot of interconnected spaces. Each of these is a different achievement, with its very own requirements and rewards. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this screen, you will see the yellow spots going northbound. This is where you started out when entering the game for the first time. It isn’t until you get to the very center of the board that you can start unlocking other achievements.
Really, this beginning area is simply the learning phase. So while it may seem like a lot of work to get to the unlocking area, it isn’t. After just a few minutes of playing, you will already have it all ready to go and open for exploring!

Viewing Unlocked Achievements

Viewing unlocked achievements is as easy as clicking one of them that is already colored in. This will show the name of it, that it’s completed, and will also give a listing of the rewards that were unlocked as part of it. For example, in the one below, the ability to both craft and use Novice items (gear and buildings) were unlocked. The downside to this system is that you can not view what it took to unlock each achievement. So once one has been completed, you can’t look back to see what you actually did to make it happen.

Viewing Current Achievement Status

While the listing at the bottom of the screen in normal play will show progression through some achievements, they don’t tell what you are actually working for. This can be done in the Destiny Board, by clicking on one of the achievements that have already been started. As an example, the one below tells the name, that it’s in progress, that I’m about 15% of the way finished with it, and that completing it will unlock the ability to create and use Adept’s items (mounts, buildings and accessories). Considering this is the set of gear I am currently needing to make, this is what I need to work on before doing anything else so I can get it knocked out and move forward with the ability to make other gear sets.



In most games, achievements are just a form of bragging rights. They allow players to show off what they have completed, and they give a sense of accomplishment. Along with this, they also keep drawing players in, since they give a pretty big challenge. With Albion, however, the achievement system is also the method of progression. Everything in it deals with things that are done through normal game play, and they represent both necessary actions and optional ones. They allow each player to choose their own path through the game, working as fast or as slow as they please. And due to the way they work, players that want to experience all the game has to offer have no choice but to do a lot of achievements and explore game areas they might otherwise never touch. This puts Albion is a very unique space, in that it opens the doors for choices, while at the same time forcing certain gaming styles on its players. And one thing is for certain: this is a completely different way of handling progression than other games use.

Albion Online Reaches 60,000 Founders Milestone

After two weeks since the start of Albion Online’s Closed Beta, the medieval sandbox MMORPG has hit the 60,000 Founders mark, according to the latest press release from Albion Online studio Sandbox Interactive. For the occasion, the developers have prepared a neat infographic showing off some interesting user statistics such as how many guilds, buildings and PvP kills appeared throughout the first two weeks of the Closed Beta, and the number of countries Albion’s Founders are based in.


“It is an amazing feeling to reach this milestone and have so many people enjoying your fruits of labor”, said Christian Ziegert, Head of Operations at Sandbox Interactive “We are grateful for all the support of our Founders and we will continue working closely with our community to keep improving Albion Online further.”


One of three Founder’s Packs – Veteran, Epic or Legendary is required to access Albion Online’s Closed Beta, each of which grants the player increasing amounts of Premium status time, extra gold, in-game Founder-only gear and more.


EVE Online is less one developer today and Albion Online is richer by one, as Matt Woodward has jumped ship to work on the upcoming fantasy sandbox as a game designer. Woodward is trading in his old handle of CCP Greyscale for a new one: Monochrome.

Woodward explained his decision to take on this new project: “When I saw Albion Online, I was really excited about the possibilities offered and what’s already there.”

Sandbox Interactive recorded an interview with Woodward talking about his new position and what he considers important for the development and options of a robust sandbox. When asked about what he’s most excited about in Albion Online, Woodward cited the game’s guild vs. guild system. You can check out the interview after the jump.

Albion Online Introduces Housing System

The Berlin-based Sandbox Interactive game developing studio, has showed off in their blog today the extensive Albion Online housing system. Albion Online is a cross-platform sandbox MMO, where players can create and customize their character, level up and customize their skills and build houses on their own plots.


Albion Online New House

Housing provides more than just a place to stay and rest, it has many other useful functions. First off, players can find plots for their homes near or in towns, safe zones and guild cities. Each plot is unique, and can be built upon in any way you see fit. The value and purchase price of the land you build on, relies on what kind of valuable resources lie near it and the actual size of the plot. Once you have found a plot, you can choose from up to 50 different buildings, from housing barracks to crafting stations.


The way you furnish your house, determines the affect your abilities have of your character. The same goes for equipment players make for their character, the equipment can be modified to give your character different abilities. An example of one of the housing features, is when you eat say, food, you will gain increased strength against the cold. Another example of this is, when you rest in your bed, you will recover your energy reserves faster. And of course, you can stuff all your extra items and gear in a storage in your house.

Lastly, the devs have also explained that you can give rights to other people to enter your house. Friends that enter your house can take advantage of what you have to offer there, and will in turn grant them extra abilities to survive in the wilderness as well. Housing owners can choose who can have access to storage space in their chests and wardrobes,

Albion Online Reveals Plan for Upcoming Content of Farming, Siege camps and Mobs

Based on extensive feedback from testers for Sandbox MMO Albion Online closed alpha test, the developer released a Development Roadmap detailing new key features and content. Over the next six months, Albion Online fans can look forward to over 170 additions and improvements.



The world of Albion Online will soon be lush and alive with all sorts of plants and wildlife, which players can use to cultivate crops. The yield from these crops won’t only help players by providing buffs to their characters. It will also be required for crafting equipment: each building has its own dedicated NPC who can only put their best into their craft when they’ve had a good meal, provided by players! Another crucial component of agriculture in the game will be the rearing of livestock, including player mounts.


Neutral Siege Camps

During this recent alpha test, guilds who have no claimed territories for themselves could launch their assault on a rival from one of Albion Online’s castles. In order to make the progression into territory-based warfare even more dynamic, new neutral war camps will replace the castles. A guild must first fight their way to one of these war camps, located in dangerous PvP regions. Once the war camp is theirs, they can attack any neighboring territory at will.


Factions and Mobs

In the deep dark caverns beneath the world of Albion, dangerous monsters lurk, watching over the unimaginable treasures they have stockpiled over the years. Depending on their allegiance with several factions, players will be presented with special items and other rewards for defeating mobs. Additionally, player-mob interactions will be made more difficult, with more mobs in the world and diversified combat mechanics and mob variety. So that tactical combat and quick thinking are given precedence, mobs will now scale based on the number of players attacking them, making PvE combat a challenge, no matter how large the group of players.

POE4Orbs 2016 Review


The POE4Orbs, as the title leads on, is specifically for Path of Exile currency purchasing. This website is popular among POE players because it focuses specifically on POE, not other MMO games. POE4Orbs is an established company, starting in 2015, that takes pride in being a reputable website to purchase POE ORBS from.

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Prices and Delivery Options
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Payment Methods
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Currency Only!
Unfortunately, POE4Orbs only offers Path of Exile ORBS. This website, unlike its competitors, does not offer things like POE Exalted Orb services, CD keys, accounts, gear or items.

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Albion Online Closed Beta Scheduled in November


German developer Sandbox Interactive today announced that the Closed Beta of the first truly cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online is slated for 23rd of November. The first ones to experience the magical World of Albion will be the Legendary Founders, with the Epic Founders and Veteran Founders joining on the 24th and 25th of November respectively.

“We are eager to finally lock the date of the Closed Beta and relieve our beloved community from any further launch date speculations”, said Stefan Wiezorek, Founder & CEO of Sandbox Interactive. “After the success of the various Alpha tests and a very intense and focused period of development since the end of our Summer Alpha, we are happy with our progress so far and can’t wait for our growing community to join us in this important next step towards the final launch of Albion Online.”

Since the last Alpha test, Albion Online received a number of new and exciting features along with numerous system polishes, including:

Combat System Overhaul – Rebalanced system with new skills (and skillshots), spells and armor available
Treasure Chests and Shrines – Valuable loot and new places located in PvP areas to craft enchanted gear
Upgradable Private Islands – Upgradable Personal and Guild Islands with more room for building and farming
Labourers – Hirable NPCs for resource collection
Learning Point Overhaul – This became a bonus system to progress through the new Destiny Board
Premium Accounts – Will, among others, grant additional loot from killed mobs as well as allow faster progression through the Destiny Board

Thanks for the information about FFXIV Rage of Halone


In a “perfect” scenario a paladin would block not buy ffxiv gil parry, unless you have a really gimped shield a block will reduced more damage than a parry. It’s also far more reliable that a paladin will have Shelton available to make that block happen than for a drk to have reprisal up and get a parry.

Reliability is a huge factor in mitigation, if you can’t rely on something to mitigate a tank buster then it is widely considered worthless as a defensive measure against busters (see any thread about parry being a worthless stat). If you replace parry with Shelton in your paladin groups (Shelton is reliable as 100% block). And take reprisal and parry out of the drk groups due to unreliability (drk has no way to 100% ensure a parry or that they will have reprisal up for the tank buster) you get a much different picture.

Thanks for the information about Rage of Halone. I probably update the formula for Paladin tomorrow night when I get a little more time available to reflect your own data instead of the 4% I used.

Thanks for the info about a shield block being better. I’ve been away from the game for a long time and recently returned, so my memory of how much shield block is vs a parry is fuzzy at best. If you could provide me with an average % an iLevel 210+ Paladin would block for that would be great, as I could update the Paladins data with it.

Also, about the reason I’m including the parry in the Dark Knights section, is that I want a perfect scenario for everything just worked out right. I know that is not practical from my own experience tanking in multiple cheap ffxiv gil on ff14gilhub games for the last 15 years or so. However, this is just a for fun project and for my personal amusement, and incase anyone may find this data useful I would like to leave it out for everyone.